Powered capture of the writer Ganova Ludmila in closed reanimation against the will of human. Children are arrested in a hospital. The case, cameras, court. The writer was killed on 20/11/18.

The figure of King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf, the Monarchies of the World, a place of personality in the modern society of «democracy» and of the Dictator … Politics, Journalism, Investigations, News. (18+)

«In the old Kremlin mansion house where V.V. Putin is reigns now. He is sit there over murdered the royal monarchy in Russia. The destruction of the Tsar family does not disturb him and does not produce any emotions. And we can honestly say: through that awful shooting in Ekaterinburg, he was sitting there and discourse about tsar’s crimes. But he can’t say which ones? In the Russian country turns around horrible page for mass murders and what is the most wonderful the nobody suspects and understand it.» Citation of Ganova Ludmila.

Writer Ganova Ludmila

Public Letter To World Literary Awards, Nobel Prize in Literarure, Novel «Russian Monarchy» of Ganova Ludmila

Hello, King Carl XVI Gustaf, The Nobel Committee for the Literature and the Swedish Academy! Letter To The World Literary Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature https://www.nobelprize.org/ ,
Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sakharovprize/en/home/the-prize.html,
The Pulitzer Prize https://www.pulitzer.org
The Man Booker Prize https://themanbookerprize.com
The Hugo Awards http://www.thehugoawards.org