Nobel Prize for Literature 2018, Special Operation «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» of Putin’s FSB. OPEN LETTER TO KING OF SWEDEN CARL XVI GUSTAF. English Version of Letter. (18+)

Nobel Prize for Literature 2018, Special Operation «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» of Putin’s FSB. OPEN LETTER TO KING OF SWEDEN CARL XVI GUSTAF.

King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and the Nobel Prize — you are serve for the Monarchy and the truth or the FSB — the CIA!?

It seems the Monarchies has forgotten what the Nobel Prize is, what they serve and what the Nobel Prize is for the modern world. They must serve for the Monarchy, as well as all civilized people, and protect it!
The Swedish Monarchy, like other monarchies of the world (English, the Netherlands (King Willem-Alexander), etc.), have direct family ties with the innocently murdered Romanov’s Monarchy! The book of the writer Ganova Ludmila «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» nominated for the Nobel Prize according to Literature in 2018 and she wrote an open letter to the King of Sweden (May 2018) (about the need to attraction of attention to the theme of the century, (the illegitimacy of power in Russia 1918 — 2018 based on the seizure and illegal murder of the legal head of state Emperor Nicholas II and his family in Russia) , King of Sweden, who personally presents the Nobel Prizes responsible in front of society, writer Ganova Ludmila was powered captured and killed in Russia READ THE INVESTIGATION!
Also in the investigation you can read about the events of this year, this special operation of the FSB of the illegitimate head of state Putin, the heir of party of the terrorist Lenin, with a party card in the table! It is important that the discoveries of the writer Ganova Ludmila and the ideas expressed in the book «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» are actively used by illegitimate authorities and «democracy» in order to further its illegal retention! And on King Carl XVI Gustaf, there is just as much responsibility for what is happening in Russia and the World as on other world monarchies!

(You will remain Carl XVI Gustaf in world history, …….. if you will do a crime against the Romanov Dynasty, the Russian Monarchy, the writer Ganova Ludmila, and all the legitimate monarchies of the world! Synchronize the decision of illegitimate systems and Dictators! By the King .. .?! Interestingly, dear Carl XVI Gustaf, will can you are personally «Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead»?

Bublic Letter for Japanese Emperor Naruhito, UAE Royals, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, King of Spain Felipe VI, King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands, King of Belgium Philippe, Luxembourg Royals, Queen of England Elizabeth II, European and world’s Monarchies…
Already a year, the writer Ganova Ludmila was powered capture and killed in 2018, the author of the novel “RUSSIAN MONARCHY” about the illegitimacy of power in Russia, based on the murder of the family of Emperor Nicholas II in 1918, she was self nominated on Nobel Prize in 2018 and we all see the silence of Swedish Academy, Nobel Prize, world leaders, Monarchies !

Cousin of the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustav Count Jan Bernadotte — a descendant of the Imperial House of Romanov! The son of Lennard Bernadotte.
Lennart Bernadot The son of Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and the Russian Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, granddaughter of the Russian Emperor Alexander II (Alexander II Nikolaevich, May 8, 1909)
All-Russian Emperor Alexander II Nikolaevich, Tsar of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland (1855-1818) from the Romanov dynasty. The eldest son of the couple Nikolai Pavlovich and Alexandra Fedorovna!

There are other Romanov heirs in the world, for example, the King of the Netherlands William-Alexander, the English Monarchy, the direct Romanov heirs in Sweden / etc…

The special operations of Putin’s FSB «Russian Monarchy» began many years ago, we are witnessing this in Russia. And now in Sweden and the world! The scandal at the Swedish Academy for awarding the Nobel Prizes, apparently, is not accidental — the centenary of the assassination of Emperor Nicholas II Romanov’s family 1918-2018, especially since the direct legal heirs of the Romanovs, relatives of the Swedish Monarch, live in Sweden! We will not be naive if the FSB Lt. Col. Litvinenko says that Chekists are everywhere, then they simply must be in the Swedish Academy! This is a continuation of the cause of the terrorist and murderer of the Tsar’s family in Russia, Lenin and the continuation of the destruction of the Romanov’s heirs in the world in the European Monarchies! We see the deteriorating of health of King Carl XVI Gustav (all the signs of an infrasound weapon), a weakening of the body and it leaves no traces. Infrasound can be killed in seconds, or it can be adjusted to the intended date of death! For example, Yeltsin:

Notes by russian essayst about modern political life in Russia and V.V.Putin. Author Ganova Ludmila. «Today I understood about PUTIN’s way of coming into power. Just simple nobody can’t appointed in Russia, it’s a special operation of the FSB which then headed by Putin and he could then turn in full force in his actions. In 1996 Boris Yeltsin begins actively be ill, soon re-election. On his videos for people, he looks completely swollen, distent, neglected by doctors.
The fact that with level of medical aid from doctors who were at the Kremlin, they could easily help him. But to him actively moving the third infarct before the elections.
Not see that by doctors surveyed, it’s impossible.
In addition, here some kind of events with terrorism began allegedly. They always begin when some kind of change in government or laws should occur. And Yeltsin is forced to think about successor, to whom to transfer power. He makes the biggest intellectual mistake in his life that will cost him of his life.»

Instagram kungahuset — King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf

REAL MODERN PROBLEMS. «Procreation of war it’s procreation of illegitimate power. Lenin immediately went to the whole world: «We will conquer the whole world». Regime: Lenin, Hitler, Napoleon. War in Serbia. There was a monarch in Serbia and he wouldn’t has in mind to fight with his people. In England, no internal wars! The illegitimate power it’s also internal war! For hundred years the war hasn’t ended. This is a continuation of illegitimate heads of countries… In Russia, the war without stopping is a hundred years already. If in Russia would be a legitimate monarchy NATO would not lined up on Russia’s borders. They all accustomed to wars and revolutions, that it’s now the most common condition of society.» (Author’s articles citations) Publicist, political writer Ganova Ludmila.

The special operations of Putin’s FSB «Russian Monarchy» began many years ago, we are observe this in Russia. And now in Sweden and in the world! The scandal at the Swedish Academy for awarding of the Nobel Prizes, apparently, is not accidental — the centenary of the assassination of Emperor Nicholas II 1918-2018, especially because the direct legal heirs of the Romanovs, relatives of the Swedish Monarch, live in Sweden! We will not be naive, if the FSB Lt. Col. Litvinenko says that Chekists are everywhere, then simply how can they not be in the Swedish Academy!? This is a continuation of the cause of the terrorist and murderer of the Tsar’s family in Russia, Lenin and the continuation of the destruction of the Romanov’s heirs in the world and in the European Monarchies! We see the deteriorating health of King Charles XVI Gustav (all the signs of an infrasound weapon), a weakening of the body and it’s can’t leaves traces.

Ganova Ludmila Citation: «Modern political power in Russia is based on a terrible terroristic captured of legal powers by Bolsheviks in Russia and consequently illegal in Russia. And therefore apparently they is concerned that reign of the last Emperor Nikolay II, they constantly discredited him all the time. That is why V.I.Lenin is embalmed and placed in a sarcophagus on the main aquare of the country and no one is going to take away him from there. He became in many ways a symbol of this power. Let’s not forget that he captured power in this country by violent illegal revolutionary way.»


Novel "RUSSIAN MONARCHY" of writer Ganova Ludmila.
Novel «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» 2010 of writer Ganova Ludmila.

Citation of writer Ganova Ludmila about her Novel: «A novel with such name «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» could appear only in our time because the Bolsheviks and the Communists stubbornly kept silent about the problem of royal power, shooting of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. Anyone who raising this question was also threatened of death.
In this book you will find a variety of points of view expressed by different people who have found it necessary to express it … This is primarily an Internet novel, discussions took place on the Echo of Moscow station and Hydepark sites.
And the most important thing is that not a single word don’t has been changed in their statement!
It is very interesting to read them, and they, these statements, speak about the complexity of the problem raised, about modern life, about the most different ways of managing the state, about the mood of the society itself, about its openness, about publicity in it. In it, in this novel, even the point of view is expressed that the management of the Russian state can be transferred to the heirs of the royal family !!! As it was done in Spain by the dictator Franco. And what can get the Russian State as a result of such a transfer of power ….»

«Much of this matter is amazes and surprises. Perhaps, the Russian public was forced to return to this issue, and the fact that after the execution of the Royal Family in Russia terrible times began: terrible wars, millions of people were killed and terrible famines began in Russia. The new revolutionary government failed to resolve any of these questions. This state of Russian society has lasted for a hundred years, and we unwittingly begin to compare the Russian Monarchy, which ruled Russia for several centuries and successfully ruled with the shortcomings of power that are characteristic of our modern society …» Ganova Ludmila.

In May 2018, Ganova Ludmila wrote a letter to the Swedish Academy, Nobel Committee and to King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf:

“This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the execution of the russian emperor family in Ekaterinburg. Actually, why doesn’t anyone care? For me, in my novel «Russian Monarchy», this question is fundamentally important and main. Because the institution of hereditary power in the state cannot be doubted. The king (monarch) at any time can transfer power to any other family member who deems it necessary to also become a monarch. We see that the electoral system, in Russia, in America, is pure fiction for a very short time — and this is either international scandal or a criminal case, as, for example, happened with Nicolas Sarkozy …. I think that a person have the right to talk about her novel. Well, for example V.V. Putin was self-nominated for the president post of Russia.
So my letter is an attempt to attract attention to the novel «Russian Monarchy» of Swedish Academy for the award of the Nobel Prize and the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf who should understand the problems of the monarchy much better. Dear Carl XVI Gustaf, sorry for the concern, I live in Siberia, but I’m educated human (graduated of famous university of NGU). So wrote such novel is my profession — Philologist. I wish you are further well-being / I wish you are continued prosperity at the post of the Swedish monarch and the longevity of your own monarchy.
I ask all the same to see the novel «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» in connection with it’s relevance. All the best to you are and your family. L.I. GANOVA.
I want your flag to be always raised. (From letter of Ganova Ludmila, May 2018)»

«In the old Kremlin mansion house where V.V. Putin is reigns now. He is sit there over murdered the royal monarchy in Russia. The destruction of the Tsar family does not disturb him and does not produce any emotions. And we can honestly say: through that awful shooting in Ekaterinburg, he was sitting there and discourse about tsar’s crimes. But he can’t say which ones? In the Russian country turns around horrible page for mass murders and what is the most wonderful the nobody suspects and understand it.» Citation of Ganova Ludmila.

“The sad coincidence of dates suggests that this is a well-planned action for destruction the heirs of the emperor monarchy of Romanov’s in Russia. These are legitimate questions that should make us think that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is behind all these killings (he cannot just stand up) and therefore, he cannot now lie on the Red Square of a secular state, and we must not support the murder of the legitimate authorities in Russia that Lenin carried out, but it turns out that we support this murder, leaving him to lie in the sarcophagus on the main square of the country?
I also think that Vladimir Ilyich was still unable to gather all the relatives in Alapaevsk: the tsar’s family had the most extensive world roots, and the legal heir still exists and now a hundred years later! And he should not be elected in elections, for example, as president, and power should be peacefully transferred to him to this heir …
Actually, my novel “RUSSIAN MONARCHY” is dedicated to this, and, apparently, that’s why my family and I are being persecuted by the FSB in modern Russia. Apparently, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin considers this power to be his own and does not want to part with it.
Putin and Medvedev are lawyers and must understand this very well.
By the way, the current government has no legal basis in modern Russia according to it’s laws in order to persecute me and my family and monitor it using special methods of the FSB: none of my family not involved as members of any of the existing parties or organizations! «
Citations: Ganova Ludmila.

«Their operation is successfully progressing with several interchangeable groups of FSB. Give due to V.V.Putin he is a big messir in these events… And he began to dislike me very much by reason of «KATUN JOURNAL ON MONDAYS» with building of underground personal town in Mountain Altay with a several super chic villas and houses on top. Probably he decided that I played my game and he successfully used me? When is my exact liquidation scheduled by him?» Citation of Ganova Ludmila

In 2019, the Nobel Committee replied that, according to their rules, a dead person could not be awarded of the Nobel Prize!
We replied that we are co-authors of the novel “RUSSIAN MONARCHY”, as it was written by Ganova Ludmila in discussions with us and with the whole world! And therefore, the Nobel Committee may award the prize to us. This is the modern form of the Internet novel written on the blogs of Echo Moscow station and GuidPark …
Public Letter To World Literary Awards, Nobel Prize in Literature, Novel «Russian Monarchy» of Ganova Ludmila. (18+).

Open letter to World Community, European Monarchies, Heads of States, Mass Media, Human Rights Defenders, Politicians, Cultural Personalities. (18+)

Powered capture of children of writer Ganova Ludmila - artist Tsurikov Ilya and poet Tsurikova Ekaterina, in hospital 25.10.19.
Powered capture of children of writer Ganova Ludmila — artist Tsurikov Ilya and poet Tsurikova Ekaterina, in hospital 25.10.19.
Capture of artist Tsurikov Ilya — powered hospitalization of her mother writer Ganova Ludmila. 25.10.18
Writer Ganova Ludmila
Writer Ganova Ludmila in closed reanimation after 18 days, without agreement of human on medical actions, after arranged medical insult, analogies with Nuremberg process, case of Nazi doctors…
writer Ganova Ludmila author of Russian Monarchy
Writer Ganova Ludmila author of novel «Russian Monarchy». After 25 days of forced treatment in hospital — body of writer Ganova Ludmila. Murder 20.11.18
From the 1 «Regional Clinical Emergency Hospital». Barnaul, Komsomolsky Prospect 73

Investigation of Murder.

Olga Tokarthuk (Olga Tokarchuk) — Nobel Prize in Literature — 2018 (still awarded 2019).

«The white king, finally guessed what they want from him, suddenly pulled off his mantle, threw it on the cell and ran away from the board.» M. Bulgakov.

Olga Tokarthuk (Olga Tokarchuk) — Nobel Prize in Literature — 2018 (awarded 2019). The formulation of the jury (for which they gave): «For the narrative imagination, which with encyclopedic passion represents border crossing, as a form of life!»
Debut 1993 Book «The Journey of the Book-People» Allegedly, recognition came with the 3rd novel «Primeval and Other Times.»
Interestingly, Mrs. Tokarchuk’s early book with the Polish title «Wydawnictovo Literackie» (extracted from nonexistence) and reprinted in English in 2018, «Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead».

((The analogy here, the title and publication year of this book 2018) is the centenary of the murder of the Imperial Romanov family 1918-2018 including small children! And the assassination of the Russian writer Ganova Ludmila) powered capture in closed reanimation, against the will of the person, the children were arrested in the hospital, an analogy with Nuremberg the process — The Case of Nazi Doctors, (We believe that infrasound weapons were used against the writer by Putin’s secret services) medical actions without human permission), which raised the topic of illegitimate power in Russia based on the terrible murder of emperor Nicholas II family in the novel of Ganova Ludmila «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» 2010.
Since 2010, the FSB of Putin has been deliberately working to discredit and use the idea of ​​Ganova Ludmila: in 2018. (the year of the murder of the writer Ganova Ludmila) a book by A. Savelyev with the title «Russian Monarchy» is published !!! Books by Peter Multatuli (Institute for Strategic Studies) about Nicholas II? The book by Anna Shafran (in the team of Vladimir Solovyov, TV presenter), preparing the way for, perhaps, Putin’s monarchy?
Article investigation and documents, records etc on blog


O. Tokarchuk, what does Monarchy really mean? («ANOCHRONIC GOVERNMENTS» — Obsolete, being an anachronism)…

«The premise of DEMOCRACY is that we must be aware of ourselves — so that WE CAN MAKE DECISIONS …»
We all know the decisions of democracy (American shows, wars, seizures of power around the world: Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Sweden, England (gay parades are millionaires democratic, just whistle and they will smash everything?) , France, Spain (Catalonia) suddenly decided to secede, oh she is so democratic!), The lady forgot about the «strange relations» of the KGB of Putin and Trump. Does the dictator rule? Maybe the best democrat is Putin? Can not be!?

«Writers are heavily invested in the work of metaphors and the creation of myths: ….. hence the influence they have on OUR POLITICAL LIFE …» Interview from the site: Tokarchuk, is it by chance that you did not create the myth of «Democracy»? It seems that Mr. Tokarchuk is about to destroy the “Anochran governments”, that is the Monarchy, by democracy? And the Swedish Monarchy is the Swedish Academy and gave the lady the Nobel Prize! Who is betraying whom, and where are the gentlemen-comrades going to!?

PERSONALITY CREATED BY SPECIAL SERVICES: ABOUT PEOPLE, BOOKS, PROJECTS (Prilepin, Multatuli, Savelyev, Shafran, etc. … Tokarchuk? For example, in Russia. It seems that the influence of Putin and Democracy is not limited to this? Article.

Putin Quote: “I just went to the reception of the KGB of the USSR from the street, I have a working family, I had no connections where to go. I went to the reception directly. I came to the reception, the guy came out so handsome. He tells you what? I say I want to … yes, he took a very serious attitude. Well, to act, but you can either go through the army there or go to graduate. I say what? He says any! «
Lieutenant Colonel of the FSB A.Litvinenko

Lieutenant Colonel of the FSB A. Litvinenko:
«Before going to university, Putin went to the KGB and offered his services. And I’m sure that they used these services. That is, Putin, while studying at the university, had to write denunciations to his friends. That is, Putin was at the university and he was trained at the KGB for at least a year, he wrote, carried out instructions from the employees of the 5th department of the KGB of the USSR. And they were only interested in one thing, the struggle against the ideology of the enemy, as they said, FIGHT AGAINST NONCONFORMITY. «
“That is, in order to seize power in 1999 in 2000, the Russian special services used secret methods that they were legally provided with for combating terrorism and the special services of the enemy. That is, if the army were to do this, then they would go out on tanks and roll out guns military planes into the air. But everyone would have catch sight of, and since the Russian special services are armed with secret methods, no one saw it, and saw it only when the Chekist was in the Kremlin! Chekists are everywhere in the government! ”

It turns out that already in 2010 books on the Russian Monarchy began to be published: Peter Multatuli Russian Institute for Strategic Studies
About Multatuli Pyotr Valentinovich:
Book: «Nicholas II. The abdication of which was not.» 2010 year

In 2018, Andrei Savelyev’s book, The Russian Monarchy, is published! Stop, I’m sorry, but this Ganova Lyudmila in 2010 wrote a book called «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» !!!
This, it seems, is a special operation of the Putin FSB, the very illegitimate president who seized power in Russia by illegal means !?

The person who carries out the genocide of the Russian People! Probably — this is documented by intelligence agencies of other states. The case of Sollier, Litvinenko, House bombings, the war in Chechnya, uninvestigated, for some reason the murder of Sobchak and Yeltsin, etc. … It turns out that the methods of killing Yeltsin are already known — these are Infrasound weapons!
Major General of the Federal Security Service, B.K. Ratnikov, talks about how President B. Yeltsin was killed by finding an infrasound emitter in his office behind a cabinet.

In 2010, «suddenly» comes the book «Nicholas II whose abdication was not.» Posted by Peter Multatuli. The TsarGrad TV channel is being created Owner Konstantin Malofeev (Deputy Head (Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill) of the World Russian People’s Cathedral, which is headed by Patriarch Kirill! It turns out that the construction of churches in Russia (3 pieces a day) has begun, said Patriarch Kirill (Newspaper RU) Why? In 2018, Andrei Savelyev’s book “Russian Monarchy” “for some reason” with the same title as Ganova Ludmila is “published”?
Ideas are being circulated that it is necessary to restore the monarchy, continuing to distort the idea of ​​Ganova Ludmila and to destroy the Romanov’s family and emperor Nicholas II.

Konstantin Malofeev citations:
«We, the channel of the Russian Orthodox majority, our president Putin. The Russian Orthodox majority has chosen Putin, and Putin …»
Video: YouTube Channel: TSARGRAD TV «Konstantin Malofeev about the new government and the May decrees.»:
“Under Sovereign Nicholas II, Russia did not feel itself part of any system of a European concert there (apparently, it means (“ concept ”) of the powers, it was under it that Russia began to feel itself as a separate civilization. We had an idea that was supposed to explain the existence of Russia is not as a European power, but as an independent heiress of Rome 1, 2. We did not have time! We have the opportunity now to seize the succession with Russia of Tsar Nicholas II. «

That is, Putin’s special services are involved and “propagandists”, “writers”, “channels” are pulled up and now “independent opinions” are formed and the ideas and book of Ganova Ludmila “RUSSIAN MONARCHY” about the return of the legal Romanov’s monarchy to Russia.
But actually, as a fallback, is being prepared the coronation of the killer V.V. Putin.
This remains to be investigated by the International Criminal Court!

About Anna Shafran:
Author of the book: «A State of Honour: Monarchy, Russia’s Future.» 2018? A presenter at Vesti FM Radio Station, where she leads the show «Full Contact» with pro-Kremlin propagandist V. Solovyov. Married to a ITAR-TASS correspondent, and also to her own evening program, «Principle of Action».
Excerpt from the book of Shafran: «The best system was the Russian autocratic monarchy in the form in which it existed in the XIX century.»
From the presentation of the book A. Shafran Video on YouTube

«Nikolay abdicated from it. It is ridiculous to say that today someone from the Romanovs could lead Russia! They signed to ourselves a death sentence. We basically do not consider them.
And those people who today call themselves the Romanovs … This is a dolly theater, leveled the idea and their own monarchy. It’s looks ridiculously honest. And I think they’re doing a bad thing … «

In this novel «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» by Ganova Ludmila were expressed ideas about restoring of the legitimate Romanov’s Monarchy, legitimate power in Russia! Following the example of the restoration of the legitimate Monarchy in Spain (Dictator Franco transferred power to the legitimate heirs of the Spanish Monarchy).
About the illegitimate succession of illegitimate power (Lenin, Stalin, Putin) after the illegal capture and murder of the tsar’s Romanov family in Russia! Lenin, as a symbol of this illegitimate power on the main square of the country!

Based on the structure of the monarchies in the world and the monarchical laws of tsarist Russia, the throne can only be inherited. That is, «abdication» after the criminal capture by the murderer and terrorist Lenin of Emperor Nicholas II at gunpoint of Bolshevik pistols is an illegal crime! And “renunciation” is nothing but falsification of history by the Bolsheviks! In the Russian state there was a system for publishing state documents that did not exist! In any case, the device of the monarchy is organized by the transfer of power by inheritance or by kinship. Therefore, power could pass to the princesses or to the heir, or to other relatives! And even if Mikhail the Emperor’s brother “didn’t” (at gunpoint) accept the crown, power could pass to other relatives. And a falsified piece of paper supposedly signed in pencil by «renunciation» by Nicholas II who was subsequently killed along with his family and young children — this indicates a terrible crime of Lenin in 1917-1918.
Since the killer Lenin perfectly understood his illegitimacy and he carried out such a savage special operation! By the way, the hanger Lenin lies on Red Square until now and is in many ways a symbol of this country, a symbol of this illegitimate power for 100 years! Since then, alas, murders in Russia and revolutions and dictators follow one after another!

The writer Ganova Ludmila wrote the novel “RUSSIAN MONARCHY” about the illegitimacy of power in Russia 1918-2018, based on the murder of the family of Emperor II, the royal family of the Romanovs, the illegal seizure of power by a terrorist V.I. Lenin.
Political power in Russia based on murder of tsar family and unlawful seizure cannot be legitimate.
The absence of a legal assessment in the world gives rise to new seizures of power and revolutions …
This book was between two fires: a dictator, who wants to sit forever and killing, and a democracy that seeks to seize of power in Russia.
This export of democracy around the world is “American shows,” as Ganova Ludmila wrote. It’s wars and revolutions of illegitimate power, because illegitimate power is an external and internal war.
Silence of this world level problem, in fact, about the special operations of the dictator and democracy (it’s all terrible, strange tangle) also lead to the world’s catastrophe to the destruction of the world’s monarchies and the Romanov’s heirs in the European Monarchies, which exist now and power should be peacefully transmitted to them.
Article : Investigation Putin — Trump, Writer Ganova Ludmila — novel «Russian Monarchy» and Nobel Prize For Literature 2018.

The absence of legal mechanisms (assessments of what happened in 1917-1918) is the dominance of individual countries, for example, America, Russia, and the dictators, democracies, and, meanwhile, a new revolution, a new illegal power in Russia is brewing. We have already seen and can observe how the export of democracy ends in the conquered countries, for example, in Iraq. This is the road to going nowhere.
After the alleged scandal at the Swedish Academy, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2018 was awarded to O.Tokarchuk in the new year, which promotes “democratic ideas”, which means capturing countries? Where are the discoveries of the individual, where are global ideas for the humanity of the intellectual level, as in the novel of the century “RUSSIAN MONARCHY” by Ganova Ludmila.
Can an American society with trillions of debts lead this world?
Maybe the time has come when the monarchies need to fight for themselves?
Silence about the novel of the century is also a crime of the century, since understanding already exists, and the writer is killed, but not her idea and the discovery of the secrets of Russia …
We see absence of personalities in the world capable of telling the truth.

Here the question is not in the medal of Nobel, but in the generations of honor and conscience that came a hundred years after this terrible murder, about the morality of society, to the centenary of the Romanovs innocently killed family, for a century in Russia the topic of illegitimate power was prohibited, raising she was threatened with death. As we can see, this is still a forbidden topic in the world. This means that history does not teach us and the killer Lenin continues to lie on Red Square. And the run-in little scheme of the democratic revolution in the 21st century, that appears here and there, like mushrooms after the rain, and it’s is ready to kill. So where does the world go?
And why in this world the independent opinion of an honest man, one who after 100 years, revealed the truth to this world and was brutally murdered, is so dangerous: writer Ganova Ludmila is the author of the novel “RUSSIAN MONARCHY”. And you are silent and waiting for the killers to come after you. And you are all betrayed them and after 100 years again.

We think that the Nobel Prize in Literature 2018, in any case, according of to moral and honest right, belongs to the writer Ganova Ludmila. The theme of the 21 century and her novel «RUSSIAN MONARCHY» about illegal power in Russia based on murder of emperor family of Nikolas II and necessity of restoration of legitimate monarchy of Romanovs in Russia, for which she was tortured and murdered in Russia by Nazi illegal methods violating all existing world conventions on human rights! We also sent our statement to the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights, the UN Criminal Tribunal, Human Rights Watch, the UN Secretary General, the European Parliament, etc …

As we know, the official awarding ceremony for Nobel laureates takes place in Sweden and the awards are presented personally by the Swedish Monarch Carl XVI Gustaf / King Carl XVI Gustaf (awards the Nobel medal from hand to hand). Therefore, he himself can still decide on the presentation about delivery or not delivery, for example, of the Nobel Prize in Literature!

That is, he has the authority and tools of influence and personal understanding and responsibility for the events taking place in the Nobel Committee and the Swedish Academy … That is, the Monarch can make his own Royal decision ….

Authors of Open Letter Poet Tsurikova Ekaterina and Painter Tsurikov Ilya (children of writer Ganova Ludmila)
Russia, Altayskiy Kray, Biysk, Merlina 2, 149 tel. 89016457072


The Royal Palace, Gustav III’s Pavillion, Rosendal Palace, Ulriksdal Palace and the Riddarholmen Church

Drottningholm Palace, the Chinese Pavillion and Rosersberg Palace

Gripsholm Castle

Tullgarn Palace

Svenska Akademien

Open Letter For King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf was sent.

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